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ClikClik Products

Products designed to make decorating easy! Mag poles and mag movers, Balloon tapes and hanging tags, sizers, lines and more. Tools of the trade for Balloon Stylists and Professionals.
  • Balloon Bond (27m) #47433 - Each SPECIAL ORDER ITEM
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    Balloon Bond (90ft) #47433 - Each
    Was $96.25 roll

    Balloon adhesive. Two-Sided adhesive tape.

    Balloon Bond is a strong two-sided adhesive with removable, tearable paper liners. It is used to connect inflated latex or foil balloons. For use in temperatures above 68F/20C.

    216 – 5”/127mm strips per box

    Another adhesive that works extremely well for securing latex to latex is 
    Click-Click™ Balloon Bond®.
    This is a two-sided adhesive that is perfect for connecting latex balloons and other materials to balloons.

    In 2013 (when this post was first posted)  this tape was very new and its benefits had not been truly realised. However, today it is very much a tape that professionals keep in their tool boxes. 
    Luc Bertrand, CBA, of Waw Balloons in Vichte, Belgium.
    “I mainly use Balloon Bond for latex to latex balloons, but it works very well for securing foil/foil and latex/foil details. Balloon Bond may need some practice to use, but once mastered, it is a perfect glue for adding details and elegant as a bonus, as it is barely visible.”

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  • Ringed Magnets (Bag) WHITE  #88872 - Pack of 20
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    Ringed Magnets (Bag) #88872 - Pack of 20 WHITE

    Were $137.50 bag

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  • Stretchy Balloon Tape (25Ft/7.6M Per Roll) #32119 - Each
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    Stretchy Balloon Tape (25Ft/7.6M Per Roll) #32119 - Each

    Balloon adhesive. One-Sided adhesive tape.

    Stretchy Balloon Tape is a one sided adhesive with a S-T-R-E-T-C-H-Y liner. Used to connect inflated latex or foil balloons. For use in temperatures above 68F/20C.

    0.75″ x 25′ (19cm x 7.6m) roll

    Was $110.00 per roll

    Foil to Foil

    "Stretchy Balloon Tape is my number one tape by far. I use it a lot! It is the only sure connection for foil balloons without putting any stress on them. When using stretchy tape I take one side of the backing tape off and reposition across in the middle, I then take away the other half of the backing tape. I then position the stretchy tape on the two foil balloons that I am connecting. The repositioned backing tape now shows the distance that will be taken between the two foil balloons. Now turn the balloons around, take away the backing tape and an additional piece of stretchy tape on top. This gives a result of two foil balloons with only a few millimetres between only using the double stretchy tape. The tape kind of ‘melts together.’ I find that this is the best way to make very strong connection points onto foil, Bubble, and latex balloons. The fact that it is stretchy or elastic makes it a stronger connection as it can shrink, grow, and move with the balloon construction. In short, 
    Stretchy Balloon Tape is a must in my tool box.” Best regards Luc!
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  • Loopline Clear (25M Roll) #87692 - Each
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    Sold out

    Loopline Clear (25M Roll) #87692 - Each 

    A spool of 2" (5cm) repeating loops forming a unique line that never requires knotting. Just count the loops on each line to ensure signs hang level every time. Loopline is reusable and allows for quick sign changes.

    LooopLine makes it easy to hang items level because LoopLine is made of continuous two inch loops. Cuts with scissors. The loops are easy to count by sight or by feel.

    Using two length with the same number of loops, and looping the end onto your item…your item will always be level….simply and quickly. No frustration

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  • Slide-N-Size #29505 - Each
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    Slide-N-Size #29505 - Each

    Was $199.50

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  • Super ClikMagnet White #45733 - Pack of 10
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    Super ClikMagnet White #45733 - Pack of 10

    Super Ring ClikMagnets White #45733 - Pack of 10

    Holds up to 4kg

    For use where superior pull is needed.

    Were $105.90 bag

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  • Adhesive Grip-Strips #70610 - Pack Of 100 SPECIAL ORDER ITEM
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    Adhesive Grip-Strips #70610 - Pack Of 100

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  • Clik Clik Mag Pole #18000 Extends from 1.6m to 5.48m EACH
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    Clik Clik Mag Pole #99033 Extends from 1.6m to 5.48m EACH

    Create amazing decor with the Clik-Clik™ magnetic display system. It enables you to suspend decor in previously inaccessible areas by angling a long extension pole and hanging magnets, saving hours of labour time and increasing your profitability.
    Use it to:
    • Suspend Garlands, Swags, and Columns without helium or a ladder
    • Drape tulle, lights, and banners throughout a venue
    • Hang exploding balloons over tables or suspend designs using large balloons


    • Product specifications:
      1.6m (5' 3") extending to 5.5m (6yds.)

      Features 5 telescoping sections. The additional sections allow it to be both shorter, for ease in storage and transportation, and longer, to reach tall display ceilings with ease.
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  • Wall Clik #87704 - Pack of 10
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    Wall Clik #87704 - Pack of 10

    Were $124.00 per bag


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  • Round ClikMagnets #87660 - Pack of 10
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    Round ClikMagnets #87660 - Pack of 10

    1” x 1” x 1.5” (3 cm x 3 cm x 4 cm)

    Holds up to 20lbs/9kg

    For use where superior pull is needed. Was $124.00 per pack

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  • Mini ClikMagnets (Bag) #55298 - Pack of 50
    Quick shop

    Mini ClikMagnets (Bag) #55298 - Pack of 50

    3/4″ x 3/4″ x 1″ (2cm x 2cm x 2.5cm)

    Holds up to 1.5kg

    Were $151.25 bag

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  • Clik-Clik Banana Kit #10685
    Quick shop

    Tools to suspend one or more FlatHats from ceiling beams - whilst standing on the floor.

    (Was $165.00)

    Kit includes: Banana, Ball Weight (for open beams), Rod Weight (for beams close to the ceiling), Loopline Clear, ClikMagnet Round, Scissors and Single Magmover.

    Use the Banana Kit to install balloon drops and decor in hard-to-reach places.  The Banana attaches to a MagPole (sold separately), attach the Loopline to the Ball Weight or Rod Weight over the beam.

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  • Hangtabs #88875 - Pack of 50
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    Hangtabs #88875 - Pack of 50 (were $46.20 pack)

    Clear HangTabs are adhesive strips that provide strong attachment points for any item to be hung. They will hold up to 25kg and even maintain their bond in warm and humid environments.

    For proper support, apply them to both sides of any product to be suspended, including signs, latex and foil balloons.

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